Star Wars Indiana

Star Wars Indiana is  the local face of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion.  The legions are international charitable costuming organizations whose members create and wear screen accurate Star Wars costumes for the purpose of participating in charitable and community events. When you think of Stormtroopers, Jedi, or even Darth Vader at a children's hospital or sporting event, that's us! We partner and cooperate closely with Lucasfilm Ltd. and represent the finest in Star Wars costuming around the globe. The local chapters of these organizations are Indiana's Bloodfin Garrison and Mos Espa Base, which you can learn about below.

The 501st and Rebel Legion never charge appearance fees, but seek opportunities to connect with the communities we serve and support charitable and educational causes while sharing our love of Star Wars.

If you've come here to request fantastic, movie accurate Star Wars characters at an upcoming charitable or civic event, or perhaps to learn more about costuming and joining our ranks, then you're in the right place.


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Bloodfin and Mos Espa

Bloodfin Garrison


Bloodfin Garrison is a division of The 501st Legion, an international charitable costuming organization devoted to celebrating Star Wars and doing good in the world by participating in charitable events and endeavors while creating and wearing screen accurate Star Wars costumes and props. The 501st Legion was founded in 1997 and currently consists of over 10,000 members world-wide. 501st members started out crafting only the iconic Stormtrooper costume. However, today the membership spans a broad range of “bad guy” costumes representing decades of Star Wars stories and characters such as Darth Vader, Tie Fighter Pilots, Imperial Officers and more. Bloodfin Garrison serves the southern 2/3s of Indiana with approximately 100 regional members.


Bloodfin Garrison Membership Roster

Mos Espa Base


Mos Espa Base is a regional part of The Rebel Legion, an international charitable costuming organization focused on creating costumes associated with “the good guys” of the Star Wars universe. Costumes such as lightsaber wielding Jedi, dashing x-wing pilots, and icons like Princess Leia form the core of The Rebel Legion. Like the 501st, The Rebel Legion upholds values such as screen accurate costumes and charitable work. Mos Espa Base represents the state of Indiana within the Rebel Legion and partners closely with it’s sister 501st garrisons, Bloodfin in central and southern Indiana, as well as Northern Darkness Garrison in northern Indiana. The Rebel Legion consists of over 3,000 members internationally, with approximately 80 active members in Indiana.


Mos Espa Base Membership Roster